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ePantry Landing

Signup for a startup seeking to automate green product delivery.

While trolling around on Startupers for some new work for my relocation to San Francisco, I came across a posting for an engineer for a green startup. I’m not an engineer, but I liked the product they were looking to make, so I thought I’d try to see if they would have use for my skills. As it turned out, they did need a refresh of their existing landing page. Read more …

Randumb TV

A mashup that creates a never ending stream of random YouTube videos.

The idea behind Randumb TV was to create a random stream of never ending videos from YouTube, basically making a single TV channel from short random related videos that morph in subject content over time. The site was created to target youthful drug culture and internet savvy demographics. Read more …

Cyntaxic Framework

An MVC ActionScript framework for the programming middle class.

After researching and testing some monstrously large MVC frameworks like PureMVC, Cairngorm and Swiz, I decided I needed something a little more nimble to handle the smaller projects I often found myself taking on. I also thought that maybe others would like to use it as well, so I built a website for the framework and made it available to the public. Read more …