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Portfolio Archive

Results for the portfolio category Platform Dev.

WordPress Portfolion Plugin

A plugin that showcases, tags and categorizes portfolio projects.

After spending some time trolling the WordPress plugins directory for the perfect portfolio plugin, I decided that I wasn’t going to find a plugin to perfectly fit all my requirements. So, I decided that if I was going to be so picky about my requirements, I would have to make my own. Read more …

PyroCMS Fonts Module

A module that manages, protects and obfuscates webfonts.

I decided to repurpose some custom code I wrote on another project and repurpose it into a module for an up and coming CMS called PyroCMS. This module manages, protects and obfuscates webfonts. Your webfonts are protected by checking HTTP_REFERER to make sure that only requests from your website will be allowed to download the fonts. Direct directory download of the fonts is denied with an .htaccess rule in the fonts directory. The physical location of your fonts is hidden with programatic access through an encoded link. Read more …

WordPress Uploader Plugin

A plugin that creates an Uploader role for file uploading.

The Uploader plugin creates an Uploader role with the capability of uploader_upload for file uploading within wp-admin after credentials have been input in wp-login.php. This allows your WordPress users to be able to directly upload to your server. This plugin has a number options that can be set. You can set an option to be notified when the file is uploaded, where in your uploads directory the files will be uploaded to and what type of files are acceptable to upload. Read more …