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Security Control Recommendations

An Angular 6 project for Wildrook.

On my relentless hunt for cash on the Internet, I tried out for a Canadian cloud security company, Wildrook. As a test project, I was given a data endpoint and asked to create a visualization to display the data in a way that made it easy for business people to understand but also useful for technical users. The only requirement was that I use Angular 6 to build it.

As I have plenty of Angular experience from developing the eCommerce platform at Juicero, it was no sweat. I created the design directly from my brain right into code. The visualization organized the data by issue severity, using color to make it easy for the user to see what is in most need of attention. I also added a header to quickly jump from section to section. The page was designed to be mobile first and responsive without much change from viewport to viewport. Source code is available on Github.

Pimp My Rect

A MEAN stack app for Xfive.

On my never ending quest for remote work, I came across a posting for Frontend work at Xfive, a remote developer collective. Their JavaScript vetting project is all about pimping out rectangles. As a lover of all squares, this project was right up my alley. In response to their challenge, I put together this responsive app with React. To store the rectangle data, I used a lightweight MongoDB implementation, NeDB. To store the editor’s last state, I used the browser native Local Storage object. The source code is available on Github.

ePantry Landing

Signup for a startup seeking to automate green product delivery.

While trolling around on Startupers for some new work for my relocation to San Francisco, I came across a posting for an engineer for a green startup. I’m not an engineer, but I liked the product they were looking to make, so I thought I’d try to see if they would have use for my skills. As it turned out, they did need a refresh of their existing landing page. Read more …

WordPress Portfolion Plugin

A plugin that showcases, tags and categorizes portfolio projects.

After spending some time trolling the WordPress plugins directory for the perfect portfolio plugin, I decided that I wasn’t going to find a plugin to perfectly fit all my requirements. So, I decided that if I was going to be so picky about my requirements, I would have to make my own. Read more …

Dribbble Draft

A self promotional site to get drafted onto Dribbble.

I put this one pager together to get drafted onto Dribbble. This site is uses some bleeding edge CSS3 transitions and a fixed position trick to make it look like the ball is being dunked. Boom shakalaka! Or whatever that announcer used to say on NBA Jam for Genesis. Read more …

Randumb TV

A mashup that creates a never ending stream of random YouTube videos.

The idea behind Randumb TV was to create a random stream of never ending videos from YouTube, basically making a single TV channel from short random related videos that morph in subject content over time. The site was created to target youthful drug culture and internet savvy demographics. Read more …

The Future of Facebook

A promotional Facebook app for BigVoice Unlimited.

BigVoice Unlimited approached me with a promotional project for their business. They wanted to create an animation to be part of a series they would be releasing around the web and as tabs on their Facebook page. After talking about the project specifics, I came with a concept to have each social media site portrayed as a fighter in a battle royale for internet dominance. Read more …

PyroCMS Fonts Module

A module that manages, protects and obfuscates webfonts.

I decided to repurpose some custom code I wrote on another project and repurpose it into a module for an up and coming CMS called PyroCMS. This module manages, protects and obfuscates webfonts. Your webfonts are protected by checking HTTP_REFERER to make sure that only requests from your website will be allowed to download the fonts. Direct directory download of the fonts is denied with an .htaccess rule in the fonts directory. The physical location of your fonts is hidden with programatic access through an encoded link. Read more …

CEO Pay Cut

Asking executives to pledge back wealth to restore the middle class.

This site serves as an open invitation to all executives of profitable corporations to pledge a percentage of their earnings back into their companies to close the wealth inequality gap growing in America. The idea behind this site was it could be a success in either one of two ways. It could either be successful in getting CEOs to pledge wealth back into the middle class and help to solve the wealth inequality gap or it could help to shine a light on how disconnected high level executives are from the working class that have allowed them to attain such wealth. Read more …

Cyntaxic Framework

An MVC ActionScript framework for the programming middle class.

After researching and testing some monstrously large MVC frameworks like PureMVC, Cairngorm and Swiz, I decided I needed something a little more nimble to handle the smaller projects I often found myself taking on. I also thought that maybe others would like to use it as well, so I built a website for the framework and made it available to the public. Read more …

WordPress Uploader Plugin

A plugin that creates an Uploader role for file uploading.

The Uploader plugin creates an Uploader role with the capability of uploader_upload for file uploading within wp-admin after credentials have been input in wp-login.php. This allows your WordPress users to be able to directly upload to your server. This plugin has a number options that can be set. You can set an option to be notified when the file is uploaded, where in your uploads directory the files will be uploaded to and what type of files are acceptable to upload. Read more …

Jeswade Microsite

A slideshow microsite to showcase custom crafted clothing.

I was approached to create a microsite to display Jessica’s current line of haute couture clothing. On a limited budget, I put together this site to showcase her work. The site features a slideshow using the Ken Burns effect for each of the images to display. Also featured in this site is logotype and a logo that I designed for her which she uses in her clothing labels and other promotional pieces.