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I am an Actionscript beginner. I am a novice, a noob if you will. This is all true, but I am going to write about Actionscript anyway. Why you ask? Why would you write about something you are not an authority on? The reason that I am starting this documentation early is for posterity. I want to see my progression from an Actionscript beginner to an Actionscript badass. Notice I didn’t say guru. I am not peddling holistic Tibetan Goji Berries. Badass is the appropriate term. Which is what I would like to be one day.

I am not a total novice. I have background in Web 1.0. I even got the Web 1.0.3 update. Before Actionscript 3.0, I even put together some Flash sites with AS2. Those successes were generally what I would call copy and paste programming. I could find something that someone made close to what I wanted to do and then tweak the code a bit to get it to work. The logic of programming escaped me, but the sites got done and no one got wise to my programmatic fumbling. Read more …