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Photoshop CS4 and OpenGL

pixelgridThis is the new Photoshop CS4 sleeper feature. It doesn’t quite have the bling-bling of the 3D features added or the groundbreaking content aware scaling feature but it subtly affects the way you interact with the application. OpenGL runs off your video card (if your card has it) and allows for these new interface upgrades.

The pixel grid makes the division between pixels more obvious at higher magnifications. I think this could be very useful for creating pixel icons. I personally map out my pixel icons out in Illustrator. It is really tedious, using the move command to move and duplicate a 1 pixel square rectangle to make the shape. I like pain. I must. I guess I just like the idea of them being scalable vector icons. Even though they’ll never be larger than 100% size. This feature may make me rethink my pixel icon workflow. Read more …


I am an Actionscript beginner. I am a novice, a noob if you will. This is all true, but I am going to write about Actionscript anyway. Why you ask? Why would you write about something you are not an authority on? The reason that I am starting this documentation early is for posterity. I want to see my progression from an Actionscript beginner to an Actionscript badass. Notice I didn’t say guru. I am not peddling holistic Tibetan Goji Berries. Badass is the appropriate term. Which is what I would like to be one day.

I am not a total novice. I have background in Web 1.0. I even got the Web 1.0.3 update. Before Actionscript 3.0, I even put together some Flash sites with AS2. Those successes were generally what I would call copy and paste programming. I could find something that someone made close to what I wanted to do and then tweak the code a bit to get it to work. The logic of programming escaped me, but the sites got done and no one got wise to my programmatic fumbling. Read more …