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M is for Zoom

Despite all the attention that was paid to the CS4 version of Flash, I keep coming across gaps in logic that baffle me. I think this is probably perpetrated by Macromedia legacy staff that are effectively suicide bombing themselves against the usability of the product. Actually, no, it’s probably not even that interesting. It’s just dumb.

So, my gripe is the Flash Zoom tool is now keystroke m by default. The z keystroke is of course now used for the Bind tool. Z is for Bind? M is for Zoom? What kind of alphabet soup are they cooking here? Bind is not even the primary tool in the IK tools. That means you need to click and hold in the toolbar even to see the Bind tool. It’s not worthy of z.

I know they renamed the Zoom tool to the Magnify tool, but that is a weak justification to a senseless change. Yes, you can change this easily in Flash > Keyboard Shortcuts… but that’s not the point. The less I have to change the shortcuts to what makes sense, the faster I can get to work.

Maybe soon I’ll have something nice to say about Flash CS4, because there are some really cool things and some really subtle improvements that are worth mentioning, but I got to get over some of this kind of dip-shittery that has wedged itself in to this version.

You'll Get No Help From Flash CS4

I got the new Creative Suite 4 at work the other day. My boss tells me I am one of four who got it this early. He was one that got it too. I asked him why they wasted a copy on him. From what I gathered, so he could open the program and then say he’s got mad skills.

Disc 1, Disc 2. Once it installed I was on my way to going through all the new features. Still had to setup. I can’t touch a new version of CS without setting up all my panels just like the previous one. Then I think about how the new feature panels fit into it. As I went to put the Help panel where it goes in my workspace I am redirected to Safari! I thought I was in Flash a second ago? I looked all over for a new place for the Help panel and came up with squat. Then (because Flash so generously opened my browser for me) I looked for others that were up-in-arms about this change as well. Google let me know I wasn’t alone.

I found this post where there is some kind of workaround for it. This doesn’t keep it in the IDE though. It just makes the help be local instead of on the internet. Which is faster, but doesn’t address the real problem. I like to look at the help and the code the same time, my Workspace is based on the premise that the Help panel is on my right side.

Apparently, Adobe has no intention of putting this back in the IDE. Looks like they are making the big push to get developers out of Flash and into Flex. Sure, it’s more money. Hey Adobe, I’ll use Flex because it is a better editor, not because you hack shit out of other programs to corral me into using it. All I can hope for now is that someone will develop an extension for Flash, basically an internal web browser like Flex, that can display help.