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Before I Knew About Flex Libraries

I wanted to find a way to make my ActionScript library files into a SWC file for easy distribution. There are definitely ways to go about it, but I wanted to find a way that wouldn’t open a Pandora’s box of workarounds, learning curves, and bullshit. So, time for research.

First, I found the rather insane way of going about it by manually writing every single import statement into a document class. In this guy’s defense he is only doing one class and he is making a MXP out of it, so it’s different than what I was looking for.

I’ve heard about ANT tasks, now that I am a Eclipse and Flex user. So, I did some research on this and it seemed closer to what I was looking for. I found one or two places with some stuff to get me started. So I modified this one. After the learning curve blues, I got it to work, minus compiler warnings and a problem with the Vector class not in the Flex 3 SDK. It’s cool that ANT build files are XML so it feels familiar, but it’s a whole world to learn about. Read more …