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Cyntaxic Framework 0.1.2

The public release of my ActionScript framework is now available. Check out the shiny new site where you can find documentation and a user guide to help you get started. To make it even more simple, the site comes with Boilerplate, a utility that creates either a Flex or pure ActionScript project at a single click of a button.

I really think that the learning curve for this framework is minimal compared to some of the big names out there. I think that this is important for some less experienced programmers and some jobs that just don’t need a giant framework to get it done.

I don’t know how much I’ll be updating this framework, it really depends on the community. If it finds a place out there, then I will add to it and make it better. It also depends on jobs I get where I need to make something in ActionScript. If this framework is suitable for the project, I will probably improve upon it as I see where it needs improvement as I work.

A special thanks to Markus Winkler for taking a look and giving his input. You can check out his site here. You can follow the Cyntaxic framework on Twitter.

Cyntaxic Framework 0.1.1

I just finished up the first public beta release on my ActionScript MVC framework, Cyntaxic. There is going to be a site launch for it coming soon. Right now, the beta can be checked out from my SVN repository. Comments are very welcome. The best place to put those comments is here until the site launch. The documentation can for the framework can be found here. I may make this prettier, or just less Adobe docs looking, but we will see about that for the official site launch.

Also, check out the demos built with Cyntaxic. The Stickies demo is a pure ActionScript application showing off view management and the Cyntils demo is a Flex application displaying the Cyntaxic’s utility classes. The Stickies demo can be checked out from here and the Cyntils demo can be checked out from here.

OSX Only Allows 8 LocalConnection Instances

While bug hunting I came across this very unusual bug. In a project that I am working on, I am using multiple unique instances of the LocalConnection object to communicate between an AS3 master and an AS2 slave. These LocalConnection instances use a random number to keep them unique, so each time the program is reloaded it makes a new LocalConnection instance. After refreshing the browser exactly 8 times the LocalConnection object stops sending out messages. I remember reading about an 8 connection limit somewhere, but I didn’t connect the dots until right now. These dots suck to connect. Read more …