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Results for June, 2011.

Cyntaxic Framework 0.1.1

I just finished up the first public beta release on my ActionScript MVC framework, Cyntaxic. There is going to be a site launch for it coming soon. Right now, the beta can be checked out from my SVN repository. Comments are very welcome. The best place to put those comments is here until the site launch. The documentation can for the framework can be found here. I may make this prettier, or just less Adobe docs looking, but we will see about that for the official site launch.

Also, check out the demos built with Cyntaxic. The Stickies demo is a pure ActionScript application showing off view management and the Cyntils demo is a Flex application displaying the Cyntaxic’s utility classes. The Stickies demo can be checked out from here and the Cyntils demo can be checked out from here.