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Results for January, 2011.

Automator Workflows

I’ve written a few Automator workflows to handle some pretty specific things. For the most part, they are just shell scripts I’ve found around and written into a workflow. I’ve posted them here. There is a workflow to copy a path of the selected folder, a script to show system files and script to hide them, and a script to remove all SVN metadata from a selected folder.

Notifying Facebook & Twitter From WordPress

Are you still copying and pasting blog entry links into Twitter and Facebook after you write a post? That’s for senior citizens. Below is a way to hook it up so when you write a post in your blog it will show up on both Twitter and Facebook.

The first thing to do is to add the Twitter app to your Facebook account using the Twitter Facebook app. Input your Twitter information or just accept if you are already signed in to Twitter. Now anything you write in Twitter will show up in Facebook. Read more …

Uploader WordPress Plugin

I’ve written my first WordPress plugin and added it to WordPress’ plugin repository. It is available for download here. It’s a pretty simple plugin that I hope to add into a larger plugin that I am planning to put together for the rollout of my personal site, which has been a long time coming. Now that I don’t have a job, maybe I can complete some of these projects I have building up over the years. Below is the description of the plugin.

Uploader creates an Uploader role (a Subscriber role with an extra uploader_upload capability) for blind file uploading within wp-admin after credentials have been input in wp-login.php. This plugin is based on the Uploadify project.