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Robert Abramski

Designer, Developer & Full Time Person

Security Control Recommendations

An Angular 6 project for Wildrook.

Pimp My Rect

A MEAN stack app for Xfive.

ePantry Landing

Signup for a startup seeking to automate green product delivery.


WordPress Portfolion Plugin

A plugin that showcases, tags and categorizes portfolio projects.

Dribbble Draft

Dribbble Draft

A self promotional site to get drafted onto Dribbble.

Randumb TV

Randumb TV

A mashup that creates a never ending stream of random YouTube videos.

The Future of Facebook

The Future of Facebook

A promotional Facebook app for BigVoice Unlimited.

PyroCMS Fonts Module

PyroCMS Fonts Module

A module that manages, protects and obfuscates webfonts.

Who I Am

I have an eye for design and a brain for code. With these eyes and this brain, I make clean and usable websites. I am process driven and somehow still creative. Having creativity and being process oriented allows me to experiment and never forget the fundamentals. Read more …

What I’m Blogging About

Current URL in WordPress

This seems like it should be a given, but it seems that WordPress has no easy function to get the current URL. It doesn’t, so it was time to troll the internet to look for an elegant solution that should of come right out of the box.

WordPress Briefcase Icon

When I was putting together my WordPress portfolio plugin, Portfolion, I designed an icon for it in the typical WordPress icon style. I thought that I would release the PSD files as it is hard to find good WordPress icons. Check out the full article for the free stuff.

Abramski Site Launched

It took quitting a steady job, moving back home and living on savings to get this done. It took building sites and taking on projects that I wanted to do, regardless of its profitability. In short, it took a lot of fucking time and effort to launch this site.